Overseas Development Assistance

Water, Sanitation and Hygiene : Towards more effective French aid (October 2014)

This study analyses the bilateral ODA commitments and the multilateral aid flows of France for the water and saniation sector (based on OECD estimates).

In short:

Between 2008 and 2012, French bilateral and multilateral ODA commitments for water and sanitation amounts to 555 million euros per year. France’s key instrument for the water and sanitation sector is the concessional loan: 86% of bilateral flows are loans. Grants bilateral commitments are around 60 million euros per year. Relying heavily on loans, France targets aid towards financially solvent states (Middle Income Countries) and towards projects for large systems mainly in urban areas. Access to sanitation is underfunded. Regarding disbursements, 235 million euros a year is paid out. In the last couple of years, France (especially the French Development Agency) has improved its aid transparency in the sector.

Our recommendations:

Based on this analysis, Coalition Eau makes 3 recommendations to improve the efficiency of French ODA:

  1. Increase the funding allocated to access to water and sanitation.
  2. Improve the geographic and sector targeting of funding.
  3. Enhance ODA effectiveness and improve transparency within the sector.

These recommendations are detailed in concrete means in the study.

English summary below.

FULL report

Read the full report in French here

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